MyCAA: A Military Spouse Story of Success

Posted by Roxanne Reed on Tue, Oct 09, 2012 @ 04:10 PM

Written by: Roxanne Reed, MSF Founder. To read more about Roxanne, click here.

I have many things to be thankful for in my life and one of them is the gift of education. I was like many military spouses - working hard to complete my degree in an ever-changing environment. I had two little ones and a husband who was on so many war deployments I began to lose count. I had almost decided to take time off from school when a letter came to my door about a new program to help spouses pay for college courses. It was called MyCAA. I thought could this be real? Could this be true? I simply had to check it out.

I ran to my computer and began filling out the application, anticipating a long and involved process. To my surprise, after spending only ten minutes filling in my forms, I was enrolled. It was as simple as that. I was notified by a counselor that I was ready to sign up for classes only a few weeks later. I was in shock, wondering if this was really happening! In fact, it was. I felt honored to have a program that was just for “us.”

I was on my way to the beginning of my last MBA course when I got an email that MyCAA had to hold off on funds for few months to reorganize. At first I was disappointed, but then I reminded myself that they had just paid for three of my classes. I thought shame on me if I did not give them the time and support they deserved. 

I completed the first three of my required courses in order to get my Masters in Business Administration with the support of MyCAA. While I was beginning my fourth and final course, the organization notified me that they needed a few months to reorganize and that course funding would be temporarily on hold. MyCAA was extremely professional and maintained communication during the off-time and soon returned to funding courses for spouses. Despite this minor hiccup in my plans, I was able to finish that final MBA course with MyCAA’s support.

The MyCAA program is still alive and working hard to help other spouses prepare for portable careers. The requirements are now slightly different for funding support, but their desire to help has never wavered.

What I also learned in this experience was observing business in action. They came back when many would have just walked away. They restructured, they fought to stay in the game and they never gave up on the military spouse community. This program made me understand how important it is to stay tough and true to your goals when things get rough.

I thank MyCAA every time I walk past my diploma. They believed in me. I believe in them.

For more information about MyCAA, click here.

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