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The Military Spouse Foundation (MSF) is an organization created by military spouses, for military spouses. For spouses who want a career or business that meets their expectations, our training program provides a unique approach that enables them to define their brand and value in the marketplace. Unlike traditional career preparation programs, the Military Spouse Foundation training is personal, tech-driven, gap-free, and community focused, which enables military spouses to spark their dream of career success.


Through the support of our sponsors, our pioneering military spouse training program will be provided to military installations worldwide. We also provide online training to spouses through live webinars. All of our education events are free to spouses.  

We're excited to bring our program live to Camp Lejune. In partnership with the FRC (Family Readiness Center) on base, we'll be training you live and in person. 

We are currently seeking program Champions to help kick off our national tour in North Carolina. 

The Military Spouse Foundation team is proud to announce our initiative:

Fuel 10,000 Career Dreams for Military Spouses

If you are a military spouse, please share your dream with us! It will be showcased on one of the 10,000+ Dream Cards as part of our Hall of Dreams display. We look forward to meeting you and helping you find success in your own unique way.

In collaboration with companies and celebrities, we are also creating the "Day in the Life" Industry Spotlight Series to shine a light into military spouses' career aspirations. Our first Day in the Life event will show an in-depth look at the music industry in Nashville.