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The Military Spouse Foundation (MSF) on-line workshops help you understand how your knowledge, skills and attitudes can help you choose which career path best suits you. What makes MSF’s program different from traditional career preparation programs is that everything is relevant and applicable to a mil-spouse way of life and addresses what you’re experiencing and feeling on a day-to-day basis. Meaning that the content of our workshops pays special attention to your needs, like the fact that many military spouses are continually moving. All workshops are self-paced and tailored to your goals and aspirations. The curriculum is always with you and can be accessed at any time, no matter where military life takes you.

Our program is divided into two workshops that make up our on-line career planning and entrepreneurial training, all designed with the unique lifestyle of military spouses in mind.

Course One
Mil-Spouse Planning & Self-Evaluation

Course Two
Mil-Spouse Advanced Training & Strategies 

This is the foundation of our curriculum helping you determine a career path. Highlights include:

  • A personal, professional MSF Mentor
  • Tools to assess your transferable skills
  • Career path overview
  • Self-assessment/evaluation
  • Completely complimentary
  • Certificate upon completion

Once you've determined your career path, we'll get you ready to take the next step:

professional track

entrepreneurial track

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